Noel Mahoney

CG Generalist

The portfolio of Noel Mahoney, a CG Generalist currently working in the VFX Industry in London. Specialising in Modelling, Texturing, Lighting and Layout work.

Unreleased TV Project Substance Painter work

During my time with Freefolk (who, let me tell you, is a fantastic company full of lovely folks), I had the pleasure of working on a very ambitious project which I think took form into National Geographic's 'Year Million'. Unfortunately, a lot of things happened which saw some work not being used. I won't go into it as it isn't my place but the show ended up great!

I thought I would share some unpublished work from the show that I worked pretty hard towards which unfortunately never got to see the light of day using Substance Painter 2 (fantastic program). It was all done in the early days (a year or so ago) when Substance pushed the boat out for using UDIM's and 8K maps so was pretty experimental at the time. 

Here are some screen grabs of a 'Space Tractor' that I was texturing using Substance. The model was created by the extremely talented Paul Pepera who unfortunately passed away not too long after turning the model over to us... a very sad loss and my thoughts go out to his friends and family.

The brief pretty much is it is a space tractor used to construct a Dyson sphere in the very distant future. It needed to look worn, well used and plausible, as well as having a similarity to modern day designs to ground it to some sort of reality. I looked at existing space craft such as the Space Shuttle and other orbital vehicles and took note of fabric based hulls like on some Russian spacecraft.

Had lots of fun with this! Substance Painter is a terrific bit of kit and makes things so much easier! Check it out if you haven't done so.