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The portfolio of Noel Mahoney, a CG Generalist currently working in the VFX Industry in London. Specialising in Modelling, Texturing, Lighting and Layout work.

Finished Model! Texture and shade time?!

I've already shown the finished model of the Dodge Charger on my website, though I thought I'd make a quick blog post about where it all ended up. If you haven't already seen the finished render of the model then have a look below!

I'm treating this more of a milestone than a finished project. Ideally I want to shade and get this looking as photoreal as possible in the end! Work has been too busy (as ever!) to get it done in a timely manner, so free time has been scarce lately. Especially as Solo: A Star Wars Story is wrapping up (which has been such an amazing project to work on!).

I spent a few hours this weekend starting on the UVs in a big push to finish them as quickly as possible! I reckon about 75% of the the UVs were completed in about 10 hours of work. So I'm hoping it should only be another few hours to get the UVs finished and packed into a nice set of UDIMS.

Once the UVs are done I'm going to take everything in Substance Painter. It seems to be the popular thing to use at the moment and I really like its concept of speed.

Anyway, here's a really rough and ready update on the UV stage. I've scaled everything to a realistic scale too by the way, hence the bloke:

Thanks for reading and being interested! Feel free to leave any comments and check back later for updates.