Noel Mahoney

CG Generalist

The portfolio of Noel Mahoney, a CG Generalist currently working in the VFX Industry in London. Specialising in Modelling, Texturing, Lighting and Layout work.

Charger SRT-8 - Interceptor

I thought it was best I share a little snippet of what I currently have in the 'works'. I want to demonstrate I can create highly detailed pieces of 3D Art, especially something as intricate as a Vehicle. My main aim for this project is to make something cool and awesome... something with a bang factor. I want to avoid 'another generic car' so hope to inject character into it by telling a story with mud, dirt and scratches!

Anyway, still early stages but here is my current progress:

I don't have bags of time so it's been 30 mins or an hour here and there. Though I'm hoping to end up something in the realm of this:

Example from Need For Speed

Possible example of final result (but more dirty and scratched up!)

So more soon!