Dodge Charger SRT8 Police Interceptor Model

So this is a quick blog post to show what I've been up to up recently!

Basically, I've been itching to finish this model of a Dodge Charger SRT8 Police Interceptor. DUe to having a pretty hectic and demanding a career making STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII and all it been hard to find the time to work on the model for long periods of time! So I've just been using lunch hours and very small periods after work to chip away at the block recently and get it done!

Anyway, thought I'd do some quick renders showing off where it's got to before doing some more elaborate and 'showy off' renders! Eventually I'd like to shade it but I might come back later and do something else in the meantime.

Please feel free to comment on this post if you have any feedback or anything. It would be extremely helpful! Or at least just give it a like.

Noel :)


Thanks for checking by!

So, if you're at all interested in what I'm up to then this should give you a good idea. With the end of post-production on the TV series Emerald City oming up however, I have not really had any time to work on it further. Though hopefully when I get my evenings back I can finish this!  

Please check back soon!


Mini-post Update on the Charger

I thought I would post a small update.. it's hard to get time in to develop this project though I am super keen to get it done! Tonight I started blocking in the interior (a little daunted by this thought!) and trying to avoid making it all a bit bumpy. Though it's all early days yet!

I've also started using Trello ( It's a really handy task management suite that's free and web-based. Please check it out... it's rather powerful!

Anyway. Here are some very small updates :)

That's all for now! Please check back soon.

Charger SRT-8 - Interceptor

I thought it was best I share a little snippet of what I currently have in the 'works'. I want to demonstrate I can create highly detailed pieces of 3D Art, especially something as intricate as a Vehicle. My main aim for this project is to make something cool and awesome... something with a bang factor. I want to avoid 'another generic car' so hope to inject character into it by telling a story with mud, dirt and scratches!

Anyway, still early stages but here is my current progress:

I don't have bags of time so it's been 30 mins or an hour here and there. Though I'm hoping to end up something in the realm of this:

Example from Need For Speed

Possible example of final result (but more dirty and scratched up!)

So more soon!